October 17, 2019

The nineties console wars are alive and well in 2019, now in a much smaller form factor.  In this episode of Versus, I compare and contrast the features, game selection, emulation quality, system aesthetics and the controllers of the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini and the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. It...

September 19, 2019

There is such a glut of kart racing video games that it's very hard to stick out these days. Funnily enough, it just so happens that two of the most laughably bad and notorious kart racers from the past generation star cartoon cats as their main characters. Today it's a showdown to see which bargain...

June 11, 2019

Nothing quite encapsulates the quirkiness of the early nineties like ToeJam & Earl. For nearly three decades, the Sega Genesis classic went without a true successor or contemporary in terms of gameplay and style. That was until HumaNature Studios brought everybody's favorite hip-hop alien duo back f...

October 14, 2018

Sega looked to relive Sonic's glory days with 2017's Sonic Mania, but was their most recent effort to restore faith in the series as good as 1994's Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive? Well, in this episode of Versus I look to settle that score. Today, it's Sonic 3 & Knuc...

September 24, 2018

Today on Versus, it's a showdown between two games who have the same name and were released on the same console in the same year. That's right, I'm looking at Tengen's Tetris and Nintendo's Tetris. Which version of the Soviet mind game reigns superior? Watch this video to find out.

March 31, 2017

Today on Versus it's Super Mario World vs. Sonic the Hedgehog.  Often regarded as the "killer apps" for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis consoles, which of these two classic platformers is truly the better game?

March 11, 2017

Today on Versus, I’m taking a look at Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed vs Mario Kart 8 to see which one is the better overall choice. The Wii U may be dead these days, but it did give us two of the best kart racing games of this generation.

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